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19/10/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: EUR 60 million of EU supported finance for innovative businesses in Italy
19/10/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: BPCE Group and EIF sign a new EUR 700 million loan agreement for French SMEs
18/10/2018 First Croatian Erasmus+ Master Student Loan Guarantee agreement
11/10/2018 Investment Plan for Europe supports EUR 350 million of leases for SMEs in Poland
11/10/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: EIF and BCEE confirm EUR 40 million for businesses in Luxembourg
27/09/2018 EU backs more than half a billion zloty of loans for creative and cultural SMEs in Poland
18/09/2018 First Italian Erasmus+ Master Student Loan Guarantee agreement signed in Emilia Romagna
13/09/2018 EIF announces over EUR 150 million of financing for Romanian farmers via four banks
13/09/2018 EIF first ever equity investment in Israel
07/08/2018 EUR 15 million of EU financing for micro-entrepreneurs in Latvia under the Juncker Plan
06/08/2018 First EU-China investment platform backed by the Juncker Plan
01/08/2018 First non-bank auto lease Asset Backed Securities in Greece issued by Autohellas
13/07/2018 EUR 90 million of finance for Maltese businesses via the EIB Group-EC SME Initiative
12/07/2018 Investment Plan for Europe supports EUR 285 million in financing for Polish SMEs
11/07/2018 First InnovFin SME guarantee in Montenegro brings EUR 30 million to innovative SMEs
04/07/2018 EUR 7.5 million of EU financing for micro-entrepreneurs in Greece under Juncker Plan
04/07/2018 First Venture Capital fund of fund in Croatia launched by EIF and the Croatian government
02/07/2018 EIF and EstFund committed EUR 60 million for investments into Estonian SMEs
19/06/2018 The European Investment Fund and Erste Group sign a EUR 50 million deal to finance social enterprises in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia
15/06/2018 Juncker Plan: 18,000 Polish SMEs to benefit from increased support by EIF and BGK bank
15/06/2018 Innovation Norway and EIF announce additional support for innovative businesses
15/06/2018 EIB Group strengthens its support of SMEs in Réunion
15/06/2018 Kjeller Innovation launches new technology fund
12/06/2018 EIF and MFB announce a top-up of the Central Europe Fund of Funds to EUR 97 million
05/06/2018 SINTEF launches NOK 500 million seed investment fund for start-ups
04/06/2018 Italy: Intesa Sanpaolo Group provides EUR 300 million through Mediocredito Italiano to support innovative SMEs and Small Midcaps thanks to the guarantee of the European Investment Fund and the EU
28/05/2018 Juncker Plan: Additional EUR 200 million for innovative SMEs and Small Mid-Caps in Poland
24/05/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: EIF and Caixa Geral de Depósitos confirm EUR 200 million for Portuguese businesses
17/05/2018 EUR 50 million to benefit innovative SMEs in Serbia as EIF and Credit Agricole sign InnovFin SMEG agreement
17/05/2018 EIF and UniCredit Bank increase support for SMEs in Serbia
07/05/2018 EIF and UniCredit support for innovative SMEs in CEE increased to half a billion euro
07/05/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: EIB Group and CaixaBank provide EUR 250m under the InnovFin programme to finance projects led by female entrepreneurs
04/05/2018 EIF and KfW invest in UK small businesses through securitisation of loans originated by Funding Circle
16/04/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: EUR 640 million for Greek businesses as EIF and National Bank of Greece sign new EU guarantee agreements
16/04/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: EIB Group and BBVA sign second synthetic securitisation operation with a EUR 98 million subordinated guarantee to support SMEs
12/04/2018 Juncker Plan: EIF and Aegon Asset Management confirm EUR 120 million for innovative Dutch SMEs
12/04/2018 EUR 65 million of EU financing for 430 social enterprises in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France
10/04/2018 EUR 2.1 billion to boost venture capital investment in Europe's innovative start-ups
27/03/2018 Rabobank shares risk on part of its SME loan portfolio with EIF and EIB
19/03/2018 EUR 25 million of loans for cultural and creative SMEs in Belgium
15/03/2018 EUR 25 million of loans for cultural and creative SMEs in the Czech Republic
06/03/2018 EUR 123 million in EU support for 5000 small businesses in the Baltic countries
01/03/2018 Trind Ventures’ new fund for early-stage digital companies reaches first closing at EUR 21 million with support from EU
27/02/2018 EUR 485m for SMEs in Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée (ex Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon regions) as EIF signs four agreements with intermediaries
22/02/2018 Juncker Plan: Over EUR 60 million for Hungarian SMEs
13/02/2018 First ERASMUS+ Master Student Loan agreement in Cyprus
05/02/2018 Investment Plan for Europe: EIF and Mutualité de Cautionnement sign first COSME agreement for SMEs in Luxembourg
30/01/2018 An additional EUR 30 million commitment from the EU for micro-enterprises in Ireland over the next 5 years
29/01/2018 EIF launches a EUR 80 million Central Europe Fund of Funds to support SMEs and small mid-caps
26/01/2018 EUR 1.3 billion for Italian SMEs in the Mezzogiorno as EIF signs SME Initiative Securitisation Instrument transactions with five commercial banks
18/01/2018 EIB group tackles investment gaps in innovation and development
17/01/2018 Lending platform Lendix announces new EUR 200m fund for European SMEs
22/12/2017 Investment Plan for Europe: EIB Group provides capital relief to Hypo Vorarlberg
22/12/2017 Over EUR 130 million of loans for cultural and creative SMEs in France and across Europe
19/12/2017 EIF supported Inventure launches a Nordic early stage venture capital fund
18/12/2017 First social finance transaction in Denmark to provide EUR 27 million for social enterprises
14/12/2017 EIF and Cordiant offer innovative finance for innovative companies
13/12/2017 European Union boosts support for Ukrainian SMEs with new finance from EIB Group to Oschadbank
08/12/2017 EUR 400 million for Finnish SMEs under the SME Initiative following new agreements with EIF, Aktia Bank and Savings Banks Group
08/12/2017 EIF supported ESPIRA Investments holds first close for Central European Growth Capital Fund
30/11/2017 EIF and ProCredit Bank sign first COSME agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina
29/11/2017 EIB Group joined forces with local Banks to support businesses in Georgia
28/11/2017 New EIF mandate brings EUR 126 million financing to local farmers in Romania
28/11/2017 Europe supports EUR 240 million for innovative SMEs
23/11/2017 The European Investment Fund and Coop Pank signed agreement to provide EUR 16 million for Estonian SMEs
17/11/2017 EIF and SBCI triple new financing for Irish SMEs to EUR 330 million
17/11/2017 EUR 100 million to benefit SMEs in Serbia as EIF and Banca Intesa AD Beograd sign InnovFin SMEG agreement
16/11/2017 #InvestEU: EIF and SID Banka launch equity investment programme in Slovenia to support growing SMEs and midcaps
16/11/2017 EIB Group and Ukrgasbank to support EUR 50 million of SME financing in Ukraine under the EU4Business initiative
14/11/2017 EIB Group and KFW support Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy to provide additional lending for SMEs and Mid-Caps in Poland
10/11/2017 EIF and Amen Bank sign first agreement in Tunisia for innovative SMEs
26/10/2017 The EIB Group signs the first guarantee agreements in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine under the EU4Business initiative
25/10/2017 EIF backs new equity fund focusing on social responsibility
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